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Why should you/your child learn to play disc golf?

Disc golf has grown into a large community!

If you are looking for you or your children to meet like minded people and be apart of a larger community of people with shared interest, than disc golf is the sport for you to explore.

Disc golf promotes physical and mental health!

We've all heard of the benefits of going for hikes and walks in nature. Disc golf is essentially a hike meets an objective. With the terrain changing and carrying a 20 plus pound disc bag you and your children can spend two hours getting your steps in and benefitting from not being cooped up.


Disc Golf is for everyone! 

No matter your physical capabilities you can be good at disc golf. Disc golf is minor body positions and movements that do not require the player to be a star athlete. Though of course the top players in the country will have strict workout and diet routines, the majority of players get a good enough workout in during their weekly rounds!

Disc golf is affordable!

A beginner set of discs cost roughly $40.00. Though once you or your child gets more involved you will need a certain number of discs to help create different shot shapes but initial investment costs are pretty low. It is much less than ball golf! Luckily at New England Disc Golf Academy 

we provide excellent training for a fair value! 

And lastly and most importantly, its FUN!

Once you get involved speak to anyone you meet on the course, it is just plain fun! You and your family/friends can go out to a course together and spend the day playing, it never gets old! 

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