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What is Disc Golf?

Disc golf, formally known as frisbee golf, is a game where players try to throw discs with the intention of landing in a stationary basket. The least number of throws needed to put your disc in the catcher is better! Disc golf was founded roughly in the 1960s where various groups around the country would use a frisbee to try and hit certain objects such as street lights and trees. In 1977 Ed Headrick, former designer at Wham-O frisbee company designed the modern day basket. This design had a metal pole with a basket and chains coming down to help catch discs. Thus the "pole hole" was created. Steady Ed Headrick held the patent of the disc golf catcher until he pasted away in 2002. 

Flash forward to modern day post pandemic disc golf players have been on the rise. Disc golf can be found all over New England. Fairfield County alone has 8 disc golf courses with a total of 55 courses in CT. Since disc golf has found more popularity college teams have sprouted up as well as high school teams across the state. There is a professional division where boys, girls, men, and women can play for prizes and cash.  Both Chris and Jim are apart of New England Team Challenge teams (Team Bridgeport / Team Cranbury).


Check out PDGA World Championships 2023 highlights in the video below!

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